Busville University Shuttle Crashes Leaving Injured Students #cmm457 #finalexam

On Monday night a shuttle bus from Busville University crashed on Stephen Drive.  12 Students were injured, and two suffered serious injuries.  One female student suffered a broken leg while another male student suffered a laceration in this right arm.  The rest of the students were treated for minor bumps and bruises.  

On Monday night Busville University Spokes Person Jon Smyth announced that all shuttle services will be canceled at the university.  A committee will be formed headed by the President of the University Stephen Busemeyer.  The university will review their policy of hiring students as drivers and will has placed, Mr. Bugs Meany who was the student driver that caused the accident, on administrative leave.  Mr. Smyth said that the university wants all its drivers to be “stone cold sober.” 

Mr. Meany has been arrested and charged with several counts including driving while intoxicated.  The accident took place on Monday at around 8 p.m. when Bugs Meany crashed the shuttle bus into a dumpster on Stephen Drive. 

The University President Stephen Busemeyer expressed his deepest condolences to all the students who were hurt.


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