Two Dead from Busemeyer University Starts a Meth War Party#cmm457 #finalexam #fictional

On Monday night Busville police and University Public Safety conducted an operation at the Lambda Pi Eta fraternity house at 1704 Casper Drive.  Three people were sent to the hospital from a party at a Busemeyer University frat house.  All three appeared to be suffering from apparent drug overdoses.  The Lambda Pi Eta President Bugs Meany, 20, was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Assistant Art Professor William Howser, 72, was pronounced dead an hour later.  The third person was identified as Sarah Ashcroft, 44, and she is an associate professor in the philosophy department.  She is in stable condition and is expected to survive.  It is not clear what the professors were doing at the party.

Busville Mayor Biff Wellington addressed the tragic events at Busmeyer University by declaring a war on meth.  In the press conference he said, “Meth is got to stop.”  Later he indicated his strategy for fighting the drug as, “We will fight it with force.  We will bust every door in Busville.”  

The Busmeyer University has a strict policy stating that University professors and students should not interact after class.  When Busmeyer University Spokesperson Jon Smyth was asked what actions the university planned to take on the professors he jokingly said, “one is dead, so that one is terminated.”  The school now plans to enforce a strict alcohol ban.

In total, the Busville Police arrested 85 people of whom 45 are students.  Most were charged with possession of alcohol by a minor, but some will be expected to face more serious charges such as possession of illegal drugs.  The identity of those arrested has not yet been released.

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